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The Victorian Beer Label Collectors' Society was formed in 1972 by a group of enthusiastic collectors of beer labels. The Society holds meetings every two months (second Sunday, even months) and publishes a magazine which is distributed every odd month.

The Society endeavours to acquire sufficient new label issues from Australian breweries so that all members can receive the latest labels and to do this, the Society is most grateful to the Australian breweries.

For all Website, Beer label and Membership inquiries please Email inquiries@vblcs.com



New Northern Territory beer label found


A new label from Port Darwin, dating from the 1890's has been found. The beer looks to have been brewed at Feldsloch brewery overseas, and bottled in Port Darwin. If anyone has more information on this label or brewery please send us an email.

New Website


Welcome to the new VBLCS Website.
We are Currently working on the website and it should fully fucntional in a few weeks.

Australian Beer Label Annual Vol. 1 2010


Beer history in Australia is often told through the written word and seldom illustrated. By attempting to present all beer labels from one year (2010), this 240 page book gives a factual and historical view of what beers Australians are drinking. It also shows the cultural and changing beer tastes of Australians. When your mates ask you what is your favourite Aussie beer, this book can make you look like a expert! With over 118 Australian breweries represented this is a must have reference/resource.
RRP $39.95